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Calcium Magnesium Recipe



Take One Tablespoon VitalBulk Calcium Gluconate 9%

½ Teaspoon VitalBulk Magnesium Carbonate 29%

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar - Room Temperature (No Refrigeration Required)


Mix together and allow product at least five minutes for chemical reaction to occur.


Begin boiling Water


Add 4oz Boiling water to mixture and stir until Mixture becomes clear.


Once mixture is clear add 4 oz. of cold water.


Disclaimer: VitalBulk Cal/Mag concentrated mixture contains 900 milligrams of activated Calcium Gluconate and 185 mg. of Elemental Magnesium Carbonate. This may require more time and attention to details in the above recipe.


If Calcium Magnesium mixture is cloudy you have two Options.


  1. Add small amounts of Vinegar until mixture clears
  2. Start again and allow more reaction time for Cal/Mag Vinegar ingredients.


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