Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I am having difficulty reaching a representative at VitalBulk. Why is that?

A: VitalBulk operates Monday through Friday from 0800 (8:00 AM) – 1700 (5:00 PM) Pacific Standard Time. If you are having trouble contacting us by phone you can e-mail us at customerservice@vitalbulk.com.


Q: Why am I only able to order one kit at a time?

A: VitalBulk restricts customers to a single order of the Personal Vitamin Kit due to customs. After extensive testing we have determined that including two kits under a single shipping manifest will violate importation regulations. If regulations are violated the item(s) will either be destroyed, abandoned, or returned to the sender.*

*Residents or visiting parties of the United States who are interested in ordering more than one   kit to a US location can call or e-mail us to discuss shipping possibilities.


Q: The shipping costs are expensive! Why is the cost of shipping so high?

A: VitalBulk receives direct quotes from our couriers on the cost of shipping. Due to the fact that we ship all items from a single location located in California (USA) these quotes directly reflect the labor and fuel determined by our couriers to deliver your item.


Q: Why is my order under a “Manual Verification” status?

A: VitalBulk will change your order to a “Manual Verification” status if order details are incorrect or inadequate. For instance orders not placed in English or orders with a PO Box shipping address will be put under this status.


Q: How long does it take for my order to be processed and shipped?

A: VitalBulk strives to provide next day services when we are in operation. All orders placed before 0800 (8:00 AM) will be processed on that business day. However, orders can take up to 72 hours depending on the day the order was placed. For example an order placed on Friday at 5:30 PM will be processed and shipped on Monday.


Q: I purchased a FedEx 2-Day/Overnight service but it didn’t arrive within the expected time frame. What happened?

A: Our primary courier services operate on a business day schedule. It is important to note that if you place an order with a 2-Day service on Thursday or Friday the item will arrive the following Monday. The same is true if you choose an Overnight service and ordered on a Friday.


Q: I need more information than this F.A.Q. can provide. Who can I contact to have my questions answered?

A: You can reach us at 855-885-2855 or e-mail customerservice@vitalbulk.com with any and all inquiries you have.